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What type of furniture does I Will Assemble It For You assemble?

We assemble any type of home or office furniture available on the market today, as well as other furniture items that may require assembly.

What time can I schedule an appointment for?

The hours of assembly are from 7am to 5pm with an appointment and on a normal *timetable. We can be at your location 48-72 hours from when you contact us for assembly. You can request a specific day or time and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Will the assembler remove the empty cartons and packing materials?

Unfortunately, we cannot take the garbage with us, however, we will cut cartons into manageable sizes and put assorted trash into any garbage bags you provide.

Will the assembler move the furnisher?

We ask that the customer have the items needing assembly in the room where the furniture will ultimately be placed before the assembler arrives. It is customer responsibility to have furniture boxes downstairs or upstairs. I will be happy to position the furniture within the room once assembly is complete.

What kind of warranty does I Will Assemble It For You offer?

I Will Assemble It For You offers a 30-day warranty on the assembly workmanship from date of assembly, should there be concealed or damaged parts that need to be ordered, then date will begin from final assembly once new parts arrive from the manufacturer and installed. This is separate from the original manufacturer warranty. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, such as putting too much weight on the item or improperly moving it. Nor does it cover damage due to poor workmanship by the manufacturer.

What if there are missing or damaged Pieces?

Find your receipt and I Will Assemble It For You will assist in ordering any piece(s) directly from the manufacturer. The piece(s) will be sent directly to you at no additional charge (proof of purchase required). When the piece(s) arrive, call to schedule a followup visit at your earliest convenience.

What happens if item(s) are damaged during assembly process?

Rarely, but unfortunately, accidents to happen, if this should occur, Will Assemble It For You will complete the assembly (with your consent) provided the damaged part(s) doesn't interfere with the structural integrity of the item(s) being assembled, and will order part(s) directly from manufacturer at no additional charge (proof of purchase required) and shipped to your home or office, reschedule a visit at your convenience once item(s) arrive.

How do I pay for the assembly service?

I Will Assemble It For You accepts all major credit cards, cash and money order before or immediately after assembly.  Unfortunately this includes payment in full on all partial assemblies due to missing or damaged parts that may need to be ordered and require a followup visit.


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